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“...Grant me Agriculture, and I shall guarantee civilization for you.”


-Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan


This quote by Sheikh Nahyan is universal and true for the whole of humanity across history. Humans being a part of nature itself, can never move forward without the natural blessing. Agriculture, forest- its diversified flora is necessary for sustainable development and a healthy nation.


All the governments, including the United Arab Emirates government, are determined to reduce carbon footprint and increase the amount of greenery. The Al Reem forest initiative is one such step; Buzztop is a proud member of this initiative for a better tomorrow.


Through helping the government of the United Arab Emirates in the Al Reem forest initiative, Buzztop’s commitment is to provide a better tomorrow to the future generation of the nation. At the same time, through this humble patriotic initiative, Buzztop will help establish the Al Reem Forest Initiative, as a token of the UAE’s exceptional excellence worldwide.


Buzztop believes in innovation and efficiency; thus, it considers the Al Reem forest initiative as the best possible use of land. This initiative will not only turn barren land into the forest, but it will also increase the aesthetics of the area, purify the surrounding environment, and provide a place for relaxation amid flora and fauna.

Importance of Forest

The FAO recommends that a country should have at least 20-30% of its total land area as forest. Currently, 4.06 billion hectares of the world land is forest area. In the UAE the present forest area is 317,000 hectares (4.557%), which is inadequate; but since 1990 the forest area has increased in a significant number (from 245,000 hectares to 317,000 hectares).


Such an increase in the forest area is a very positive sign for the nation. For this very reason, Buzztop supports forestation projects and initiatives like Al Reem. There is some considerable significance of having forest like the Al Reem initiative, which includes:


  • It provides a positive contribution to terrestrial biodiversity.

  • It helps to prevent the desertification process and brings back the season on track.

  • It helps with the agricultural cycle.

  • Forest retains the ecological balance of flora and fauna in that particular region.

  • Initiatives like Al Reem can positively contribute to tourism and build a positive reputation.

Keeping this beneficial factor in mind Buzztop is strongly determined towards a positive contribution to the Al Reem initiative, here is the whole plan in a Nutshell.



The plan in a Nutshell

The Al Reem forest initiative will be like a jewel in the middle of the desert. The green Triangluar forest region with a blue oasis will give a heavenly feel in the desert. It will place 12 types of native trees in the facility. Such placement will, on the one hand, uphold national identity, and on the other hand, will build terrestrial biodiversity.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.27.00

The land will be prepared using the cutting edge of modern technology. Firstly, tactical locations will be processed using GeoWeb to hold the soil, retain, and stabilise its inherent properties. Afterwards, the place will be layered using multiple layers of sand, gravels, and perforated pipes to keep a steady flow of water.


Since the facility will also be opened at night, it will be decorated, and illuminated using a bronze stand, and modern LED lights. The whole facility will be under cover to ensure maximum convenience and security. There will be several parking spaces to accommodate maximum guests, and signage will be placed throughout the facility to inform the valuable guests. Several Guesthouses, public toilets, and retail shops will also entertain the needs of valued guests.


Sustainable Action

Buzztop believes in sustainable actions; in addition, they try to reflect this philosophy in all their projects and investments. Al Reem initiative is not an exception to this vision. The first and foremost target of this artificial forest is the environment, keeping this motive in mind Buzztop tried to build critical infrastructures of the facility using environment friendly and recycled materials.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.26.04
Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.25.46

The primary building system in this project will be ship containers. Thus, on the one hand, the infrastructure will gain stability; on the other, proper and efficient use of resources will be ensured. Buzztop believes in green energy, that is why even the parking shade will be replaced with solar panels. Power from these panels will be used to contribute to the facility and reduce carbon footprint. The national tree of the UAE is Ghaf tree; this tree is very well known for its robustness and anti drought properties. This forest initiative by Buzztop will especially emphasise in the Ghaf plantation program to maximise the sustainability of the whole artificial forest project. Steps that are mentioned above will make this artificial forest a sustainable abode of peace and happiness.


Place for Fun

Al Reem will not be just a place of natural conservation. Instead, it will invite humans to the arms of mother nature to feel and enjoy its bounties. So, there will be a lot of fun activities, and facilities to enjoy. These activities and facilities are designed by keeping the fact of nature conservation in mind. Recyclable materials will be used so that the natural terrestrial biodiversity is unharmed. Some of the special fun activities are as follows:


Sports and Athletic Activities in the Forest:

The facility will have a lot of spots, where the visitors can enjoy sports in the natural realm. There will be tree houses, adventurous hiking, archery, etc. People will enjoy these fun activities in a safe, secure environment.


Camel Activities:

Camels are considered as the ship of the desert. Any national facility situated in UAE is actually incomplete without its local and national flavour. Camels have been a part of the UAE’s culture since the initiation of the nation. So, Buzztop will keep a special spot by the side of the oasis for having fun activities with Camels. Visitors can go on camel rides, and enjoy its fresh milk.


Food Trucks and Souviener Shops:

Keeping account of diverse and global taste, the forest will house chain shops from all around the world in the facility. Guests visiting the forest can savour the taste of local and international foods from the facility. At the same time, the souvenir shop will house regional and ethnic items, which the guests can buy as a token of memento.


Buzztop will try to make the place an abode of hospitality, peace, and fun. At the same time, the waste and bi-products from the facility will be managed in a scientific and environment-friendly way.

Concluding remarks

Al Reem is a unique facility where the nature, environment, conscience, and the value of modern UAE towards conservation of the domain is brought into one place. Buzztop being a part of this initiative, is trying to make the nation, and the world a better place for the future generation.


Initiatives and projects like this are a touch of future, and sustainable development all at the same place. After all the projects that perfectly blend with mother nature, will get its good grace and prevail in the long run, thus fulfilling the vision of Buzztop’s innovation, efficiency, and sustainability.

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