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Stadium Cleaning


People are the core of our business.

The Buzztop Philosophy 

At Buzztop, we focus on being an industry-leading service business in the commercial cleaning and facilities maintenance industry. The way we achieve this ideal is to build our business one satisfied customer at a time — which means we focus on what matters most to each client. Our commitment to our stakeholders is based on this philosophy and focuses on:

  • Quality

  • Safety

  • Respect

  • Professionalism

While we care about the bottom line, we also keep a sharp eye on our corporate impact on the environment and actively pursue measures to reduce our carbon footprint. Through the reduced use of chemically reactive and toxic chemicals, our sustainable purchasing policy, environmental stewardship policy and comprehensive training on green cleaning practices, Buzztop remains at the forefront of green cleaning and sustainability.


Our founder, Suhail almheiri, believed that anyone who worked for the company became part of the family, and their families, by extension, did too. He knew that working together in this manner ensured a better working environment for everyone, and ultimately a better product for the client.

We strive to continue his legacy. We work co-operatively, regardless of position, supporting each other wherever the need exists, because we know working together builds a better working environment.

All Buzztop “employees” are co-workers in the truest sense of the word, and we use the term “co-worker” – rather than employee – to remind us of this legacy and approach.

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