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Wi Wash

Wi-Wash revolutionizes the concept of mainstream traditional car wash. Car wash has been an integral method for rejuvenating the exterior look of the car by washing. Hitherto the conventional carwash comes with various limitations such as- lengthy procedures, expensive methods and confined locations of the carwash facility within the petrol station or industrial area. All these impediments make so makes carwash difficult.

Keeping these limitations in mind Wi-Wash brings a new approach to the process of car washing. This is a proud facility which is first of its kind. Wi-Wash will be a point of interest for the drivers and will positively change their behaviour.


Wi Wash with its modern mechanism will escalate the number of clean cars, which will give the city an immaculate look. It will help generate asset funding and endorse the PPP contract.

Working Procedure with Wi-Wash

Wi Wash 2.png

The process is much easy and goes with the notion of a modern technological revolution. It consists of a tri method of order-drive-wash. Firstly, order your carwash online using APP. Secondly, while it gets prepared, drive to your desired destination of Washing your car. Lastly, wash your car and dry off, there is an inbuilt drying system that dries 90% of the Car and rest of it dries on your way driving.

Challenges and solutions

Wi Wash facility is exclusively feasible in all the main entrance of Dubai. It is not applicable for the city but taxi and rental car business can be the exceptions. The Whole facility is prefabricated and comes in built with a self-generator and water sewage system which makes it accessible and easy to adjust in the desired place.

The Modern Artificial Intelligence Technology demystifies the possibility of Traffic Issues and Distraction to the system or the driver. The same technology will be used to enforce either the smart system or Salik system according to preference.

Above all, Wi Wash provides an easy solution to Operation and maintenance and these tasks will be done by Special team.

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