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Golden Box

Forts have been forged by the human in every civilization across history. They were used to administer protection and to bulwark important parts of a city. Forts were always built on important and strategic points. Bin Helal is no exception to this phenomenon, it was built to protect the Jimi Oasis.

The presence of such a Fort in the city of Al Ain city a strong cultural heritage and historical background of the city as well as it speaks about the strategic importance of its geological position. But it is an irony of fate that in spite of having importance, the fort is not blessed with enough privileges.

The Fort is not welcoming to the tourists who are having an enthusiasm for historical and archeological interest.  There is a lack of abundant facilities. Also, the government fund is a necessity for maintaining these places for Historical interest. Buzztop has the vision to change this situation by building a facility entitled as the golden box and provide a Return of Investment for a place with such golden heritage.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 10.36.00

The Golden Box will mix the essence of cultural heritage with tourism. It will add aesthetics to the city view and will provide a place to revive monotony for the people of the city as well as the tourists. The fort will have a place of the exhibition inside the fort with a museum and an outdoor seating area. The structure will also be slightly modified to add beauty and accessibility to the tourists.

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 10.34.41

The main challenge of the project is to complete the goal without affecting the historical buildings. So Buzztop will initiate the project in the open area situated in the middle of the fort. The interior rooms will serve as a museum and special enclosure will be made for hosting special meetings and events. The whole thing will be done and maintained by a special team for its smooth operation.

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