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Our Company was founded in Al Ain in 2018 and its principal activity is construction of various sorts and Investment in  PPP.

Prima facie, depict that BUZZTOP INVESTMENT– SOLE PROPRIETORSHIP L.L.C. Company is not only a Company involved in building complex structures  and investment opportunities  but also reckon the long-standing association with its bonfire customers which is imperative to the success and growth of the company.

We at BUZZTOP INVESTMENT, employ professionals who have composure and rich experience in the industry to meticulously build the structures to our clients utmost satisfaction is a challenge to the albeit, over the years, we have accomplished several projects, we never felt complacent for our Company believes that each new project, regardless of the magnitude, It is our earnest desire to receive your continued, valuable patronage to facilitate us to offer our incomparable senesces best in the industry for your impending projects. That is our vision.

With the fast-changing environment, we commit ourselves to continuous development and change. We face the future with confidence and high-spirited strength, and we welcome challenges and opportunities ahead.

Eng.Suhail Thani Almheiri

Managing Director of BUZZTOP INVESTMENT 

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