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Camel racing is an intrinsic part of the Middle Eastern Culture. UAE being an international hub, is a great place to showcase such tradition and heritage. Thousands of people from all across the world come to the UAE to get a taste of Camel Racing.

Camel Racing is no easy task, it is one of the most challenging, and thrilling form of a sporting event. While the spectator just watches the Camels race around the track, that’s just the tip of an ice-berg. A lot of hard work and dedication are required to succeed in this track.

Buzztop’s Camel Gym is such a perfect place for you, where you can make this perfect combination of Camel training and health, to maximize your chances of winning in the track.

The Camel Gym:


A quote by Richard Marcinko states that:

“The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat.”


Camel racing is literally not any combat, but figuratively such competitive racing is no less than real combat of the racetrack. And in order to win, rigorous training is one of the utmost requirement. All the training facilities will be available in Buzztop’s Camel Gym.

1.We will use the unused space in the middle of the tracks:

Buzztop believes in proper utilization of the resources. The centre part of the Camel racetrack remains unused and empty. This part will be used for productive purposes, by creating the gym for the Camels. Here are some benefits to choosing this location:

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  • The transportation cost of the Camels will be reduced.

  • The Camels will get to stay near the track, and get acquainted with the setup.

  • In the case of a health emergency during the race, the health facility of the gymnasium can be used.


2.Buzztop will ensure all the necessary modern amenities:

There will be treadmills, pools, circular tracks, and all other modern facilities. You can use them for the work out of your camels. The Camel race does not happen 24/7 throughout the year. Significant time is the rest period.

If this rest period is too long, it significantly affects the performance of the Camels. So, you can appoint your professional to let your Camel work out in rest times. We also have professionals who can assist you during this process.

3.Health is one of our priorities:

Buzztop’s Camel Gymnasium will have all the necessary equipment to deal with the health emergency during the race. As well as our professional Veterinarians will be stationed in the facility. Here you can conduct regular health check-up of your Camels.

It is always better to prevent than to cure. With a view to this philosophy, our camel health facility of the gymnasium will take care of your valuable creatures.


Ensuring the Return of Investment:


The Camel Gymnasium will be in the centre of the track. Hence, it will offer a great place for placing various banners and add. The free space of the facilities will be used to place ads.

Apart from that, there will be retail shops around the facility. From where people can buy necessary items. Accessories and items for Camels and racetrack will also be available here. The rents from the advertisements and the retail shop will ensure the return of investment.

Compatibility of the Establishment:


The whole Camel Gym will be made using pre-fabricated materials. As a result:

  • It will take very less time to install and remove the whole facility.

  • The impact on the landmass will be very less.

  • The materials are healthy and will ensure maximum benefit.

However, one major drawback in this area is- the facility built with prefabricated materials are not as strong as the permanent ones. But, such is trade-off is manageable with other bundles of benefits.



Success does not come in a day. An immense practice is required to attain the best position. Same applies to the track of Camel racing too.

Buzztop’s Camel Gymnasium is yet another innovative approach to help the camel racing and tourist cohort. While retaining the return of investment by properly utilizing the assets at the same time.

Practice makes everything perfect, so come to Buzztop’s Camel Gym and make your Camel the perfect to win in the track.

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