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Drone Surveillance System

The whole idea at a glance:


Our idea is to create a network of wireless sensors across the borders of the highways and road and make it a uniform system, which we call Wireless Active Guardrail System. Our sensors in the Guardrail system will monitor the real-time activities of the vehicles on the road.



Every year a lot of people die from road accidents. Data from WHO projects that there were approximately 1.3 million deaths worldwide in 2016 only. The number for UAE is approximately 1678. In the era of modern technological advancement, such a big number of easily avoidable deaths is heartbreaking.


To combat such unfortunate events, we have designed a dedicated system with the aid of ultra-modern and efficient technologies. The idea is to make a magical combination between Wireless Sensor Network, Wireless Active Guardrail System, and an Army of highly efficient drones. So, that fast and effective response can be made in case of any compromised situation.


Peter F. Drucker once said-


“Efficiency is doing the thing right. Effectiveness is doing the right thing.”


With the inner essence of this quote derives our idea of changing the future of traffic system response through the use of Drones and technology.


For any situation that requires the attention of the authority. Our wireless will send the signal to the central database. Upon central command, the nearest drone nest will release drone, which will be used to closely monitor the situation and take action.


We believe a lot of time, and manual labour will be saved by the adoption of this technology. After all, our goal is fast-secure, and efficient traffic response by using technology.

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