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In today’s modern world, automobiles on the road are one of the most used modes of transportation and communication. This increasing trend of vehicles on the road needs a dynamic coordination process which is being meetup by electric tri coloured traffic lights since 1914.

Traffic lights with LED screen is a new accession in traffic control technology. And they are different than the conventional lights. The drawbacks of conventional traffic lights are- These traffic lights are expensive to operate which in turn leads to high government funding, they cannot be used to advertise which means these conventional traffic lights don’t have any return of investment. Moreover, the field of view of tri coloured traffic lights are small which may affect drivers behaviour in the roads.

On the contrary, the LED screen traffic lights which is first of its kind comes with significant advantages. Such as- they provide a return of investment from advertisements on them. They give an aesthetic view to the road and the city itself. The interesting colour and distinct pattern relieves drivers from monotony and changes their behaviour. Moreover, they can also generate asset funding and be used in endorsing PPP contract.




Advantage and Usefulness

Most of the Megacities like Dubai, today do have multi-lane roads and avenues, they provide complicated traffic pattern and needs effective traffic control. LED screen traffic lights use arrows in the screen to give a clear indication to the traffic about each of the lanes in a road. Besides, the outdoor panel interaction system can be used in effective apportion of public information and to show advertisements.


Challenges and Solution

The Shape of the light signal in the LED traffic light is flexible and accessible, they can be either used as an arrow or as circles of light. Due to its versatility, these lights are feasible to add to the high traffic signals and main roads.

The advertisement which will be shown in the LED traffic light will not distract driver, because an automated program will run them exclusively when the red light is ON, hence there is no possibility of road accidents. A special operations team will maintain the whole facility and respond to the problems to take immediate action.

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