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Investment Sector

Upcoming Projects

Public Toilet Investment

This Project demonstrates our modern approach to sanitation. Buzztop implemented its futuristic vision of making a place more productive and multidimensional for the city dwellers.

Traffic Lights

Yet another Buzztop’s innovative venture, where implementing traffic rules and traffic maintenance is given an aesthetic essence with wide LED screens.

Bus Stop

This is a humble initiative from Buzztop to revolutionize the Bus Stop in the city. This project is specially designed to relieve the travelers off monotony and give an aesthetic look to the city.

Infinitum Viewpoint

This project focus on adding value to a Jabal Hafeet by creating a sightseeing spot for the beauty seekers and an entertainment hub for travelers.

Wi Wash

Wi Wash revolutionizes the concept of Car Wash. This initiative by Buzztop turns the necessary practice of Car Wash to a whole new level.

Golden Box

The Golden Box will mix the essence of cultural heritage with tourism. It will add aesthetics to the city view and will provide a place to revive monotony for the people of the city as well as the tourists.

Drone Surveillance System

Our idea is to create a network of wireless sensors across the borders of the highways and road and make it a uniform system, which we call Wireless Active Guardrail System. Our sensors in the Guardrail system will monitor the real-time activities of the vehicles on the road.


Buzztop’s Camel Gym is such a perfect place for you, where you can make this perfect combination of Camel training and health, to maximize your chances of winning in the track.

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