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Bus Stop

Public transport is the lifeline of city life. And the most widespread method of public transport is Bus. Convenient Bus transportation requires high-end bus stop, the conventional bus stops are not fit for today’s busy routes for multiple reasons. They are having a high cost of operation which begets interminable fund by the government. And what is more alarming is these bus stops has no return on investment. They provide unsatisfactory service because of their narrow space and limited amenities.

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Buzztop comes with a renovating idea to upgrade the existing bus stop model to a new one, which will be first of its kind. These bus stop will bear the essence of modern technology and will add an iconic view to the landmark of the city. It will ignite the interest among the general mass to redeem the benefit of the modern proposed bus stop. It will also provide an advantage with PPP endorsement.

Design and Facilities

The design of the bus stop would be minimal with the provisions of shrinking and expanding with a focus to provide speedy service. The proposed bus stop will have easy access drive and it will come with Estidama compliance. All the latest technology will be used to provide a maximum advantage.


The installation process will also be easy due to its prefabricated design. The Bus stop will look towards superior user experience and will have the provision of ATM machine, coffee fast food and express market. The design of the bus stop will be very dynamic and will be based on the location of its installation and usage.

Challenges and Solution

Drive Thru Concept will be used as a means to gain return of investment via drive-thru restaurant. Prefabricated building system makes the installation very easy in short amount of time and less impact on the municipality.

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