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Corporate Social Responsibility

Buzztop Investment Company is not just about numbers and profit. The core principle of the company is forged by the essence of Humanity and enthusiasm to take modern life to the next level. Our basic philosophy is to consider all the people from every race, caste, creed, and gender together in our march of advancement.

In today’s society, structural inequality is a reality.

Everyone does not have the same wealth, the same opportunities. But, Buzztop believes that this situation can be changed. If the people who lack privileges, and finance are given proper incentives, they will crawl back out of the situation.

From this perspective, Buzztop’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR Activities) come into effect. We have a bigger plan to create a prosperous journey with people from every field and aspect.

First Initiative ( Masejat):

Our app “Masejat” is an innovative way to conduct CSR activity through an active fusion of humanitarian perspective and technology.

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What is so innovative about our app “Masejat”?

It happens that, we all know that there are people who need our help. But, in this vast world, it is very much difficult to trace them location by location and provide aid. Same goes for the donor agencies. A lot of good people from society are eager to help but unable to find a centralized method to do so. These mainstream drawbacks are holding us back as a group.

Buzztop believes in the power and strength of unity. So, we tried to use the blessing and magic of technology. Masejat application’s main innovation is using the benefits of technology to lay a basic framework for humanitarian activities.


How does the application function?

Buzztop’s Masejat tries to extract most from the technology. In the present world, most of the donor agencies have access to modern communication equipment like smartphones, tablet, internet, etc. Our application, urges the kind and big-hearted individual, group, and donor agencies to create a donor account.

Our application will try to trace the poor population through active extraction evidence from Big Data. It will also take account of people who registers voluntarily for receiving charity, financial aids and donation.

The cutting edge technology will screen people from double accounts, and registrations. So that donation reaches the door of every man, woman, and children in need.

The donors, and agencies. Will observe the situation and can very easily donate from anywhere through mobile SMS/ internet banking privileges.

Our whole idea is to create a centralized system so that the whole process becomes more efficient. And everybody and extract the benefit.

Last words:

Buzztop’s vision includes the benefit of the country and society. Responsibility and Cooperativeness are in our key value of the company. We always try to work hand in hand with people in society.

Because deep down our main aim is “Betterment for humanity.” Innovation is just our master tool to achieve this. And the purpose of our app “Masejat” is not just the fulfilment of our Corporate Social Responsibility, rather it is to help humanity through innovation.

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