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Sanitation is an inexorable part of modern cities. The cities with a lot of people from diverse occupations require a public toilet to maintain the need of people and sanitation. The present public toilets with the traditional model are expensive to maintain and other than the public satisfaction they do not offer any return of investment. Thus, it requires continuous government funding.


The maintenance of these public toilets is often not up to the mark and they are in short of necessary amenities. Buzztop’s idea is to modify this mainstream model of public toilet and make it more dynamic and convenient.

The updated public toilet will have an aesthetic build up which will improve city image, aggrandize the sense of interest among the drivers and pedestrians and encourage the visitors of Dubai to use the public facility.  It can also be used to endorse (PPP) contract.

Design and Facilities:

The design of the public toilet will be such that it will be easy to install and will provide easy service too. The proposed public toilet will be multi storied with aesthetic design, on one floor there will be the main facility of public toilet with wash rooms. In the other two floors, there will be other facilities to help the users. The facility includes Fast food and light refreshments shops, ATM machines and Vending machines. These facilities will help to gain the Return of investment. There will also be air-conditioned room and prayer room to provide the privilege to the passerby.


The public toilet will be LEEDS complaint and will use renewable sources of energy and better recycling procedures to minimize the impact upon the environment.     


Challenges and Solution

The proposed public toilet will be built with prefabricated equipment for fast assembly and flexibility and there will be no need for extra allotments of land. There will be categories of services so for different types of customer which will get service and there will be no discrimination. Buzztop will take care of all the operation of other toilets in the city. There will be a specialized team to handle situations and complications.

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