Our strategy focuses on Buzztop’s core strengths: its position as the first contemporary UAE cities’ infrastructure concept, convenient and environmentally friendly response to modern day demands and forward-thinking leadership.

We believe that society, environment, and government can equally benefit from our new concepts of city infrastructures such as bus stops, traffic lights, car wash joints, public toilets, and viewpoints.

We seek to follow an all-encompassing approach to bringing our ideas to life, aiming to improve the technology and designs of the aforesaid infrastructure concepts, as well as incorporating other services that could benefit the public and businesses. Given that we are in a new-technology driven age, we expect the future city infrastructure to be an amenity where you can conveniently relax and get everything you need while being delivered a service.

Our business strategy outlines how we’ll achieve our vision of providing new, modern and innovative city infrastructure ideas that will benefit the society, country, and businesses rounding everything into one successful and exemplary entity. We are aware of the infrastructure that the contemporary neighborhoods and cities need, as well as the type of strategies to enable the system to be lucrative for all parties involved. We believe that positioning ourselves as the "First Contemporary UAE Cities’ Infrastructure Provider" by leveraging our strengths in the new concept, will give us with key competitive advantages to succeed in the market as we provide the cities with ideas and services they need to improve. 

By being the sole provider of the innovative city infrastructure design and technology, our company is in an “uncontested market space”, leaving room for a massive value boost for us, our partners, and employees.

Business concept 

Bus stops, traffic lights, car wash joints, public toilets, and viewpoints are excellent opportunities to add style to cities… 

With a brand-new approach to the public infrastructure concept, Buzztop offers unprecedented privileges. Convenience and accessibility are essential to attract public usage. As the look, feel and services available became more advanced, happy people will be compelled to increasingly use public amenities.

The aim of the presented concept is to introduce an upgraded designated place with a more futuristic and compact design and to offer more than just a mere service. A Buzztop’s innovative city infrastructure accommodates easy access drive through, coffee, fast food, express markets, an Estidama compliant system, latest technology led display for advertisements, tourist transit network and tourist information desk, a bank ATM machine, vending machines, and an air condition area.

Besides the visible benefits to the entire society, Buzzstop’s ideas are a way to enhance the city’s scenic beauty. A city infrastructure with the new design has the potential to improve a neighborhood’s landscape. Constructing many compact and attractive bus stops, traffic lights, car wash joints, public toilets, and viewpoints around the city can transform the grandeur of the city.

Our approach enables us to work with others. We operate on Build–operate–transfer (BOT) or build–own–operate–transfer (BOOT) and utilize the Public-Private Partnership (PPP), model. As such, our unique business plan is capable of working with governments and funding bodies across regions.

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