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Infinitum Viewpoint

Jabal Hafeet from its etymological viewpoint means empty mountain. This place in the border of UAE and Oman is the abode of the vast empty highway and a place of archeological interest for more than half a century till today. In light of the above course of thought, Jabal Hafeet is a place of immense potential for business and attracting global tourist. But it is a matter of great regret that the possibilities of Jabal Hafeet is not used fully and there is an acute shortage of funds from both- Government and Non-Government Initiative which resulted in a shortage of amenities and facilities as well.



Buzztop has coined an innovative idea with added values of New Concept for Al Ain and Jabal Hafeet. The idea is to design an Infinitum Viewpoint in the place to give the taste of aesthetic view of the location to nature’s pulchritude seekers. It will have a nonpareil architectural design which will add a sense of beauty in the city. It will be helpful in endorsing PPP contract.

Design and Features of Infinitum Viewpoint

The Infinitum Viewpoint will be the bearer of a magnificent landmark that is easily recognizable from long distance. The location of the Infinitum Viewpoint will be in the middle of Jabal Hafeet and Mubazarah Area. It will be a place of interest and people will come here for refreshment and relaxation. All these facilities will be provided keeping the matter of environment in mind.

The landmark along with its facilities are Leeds complaint and will use renewable source of energy and recyclable materials for its construction and maintenance.


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