Buzztop is an investment company particularly inspirited in making United Arab Emirate’s cities more approachable and friendlier. We are interested in projects that are going to make daily life in a city more comfortable and interesting. We support private business and government as well with an extra emphasis upon people and environment. Our goal to prosper society is far reaching which encompasses from interactive bus stops to astonishing viewpoints.

We are a young Emirati company, funded by the Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development and are proudly investing in various convenient and multipurpose city facilities, such as bus stops, traffic lights, car wash joints, public toilets, and viewpoints.

Our name, Buzztop, has been derived from our maiden idea, a bus stop that will revolutionize the bus waiting experience. All our ideas, just like the first one, are based on maximizing interaction with people and prioritizing them as “points of interest” through advertisement. Along with the basic functions, every facility was carefully designed as an advertising space. Here, we have induced a benefit to the businesses, which will advertise their goods and services.

Vision statement

Providing new, modern and innovative city infrastructure ideas that will benefit the society, country, and businesses encompassing everything into one successful and exemplary entity.

Mission statement

Our mission is to introduce the entire nation with exciting and revolutionary infrastructure ideas applicable to both suburban and city areas that will significantly improve the quality of life.

Key Values

  • Originality: All of our ideas are unique and premiered to the UAE government.

  • Innovations: We work hard to solve every day’s convenient issues by taking care of every social life segment.

  • Creativity: We are inspired to improve aesthetics of the city and the lifestyle of its citizens.

  • Responsibility: Our every idea is focused on environmental principles, which is why they are mostly about making cities more efficient and effective.

  • Cooperativeness: We encourage cooperative arrangements such as private-public interactions through advertisements.

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